Some Days Bread Making Can Be Tough

Published on 18th March 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Some people think that having to bake loaf after loaf of delicious fresh bread every day all in the course of duty, isn't a very demanding task.

But I disagree.

Having a discerning pallet and being highly critical about something that is so close to my heart, can be a tough. But if someone has to do it, then I'm definitely the one.

But this week has been a little more of a challenge.

Testing the Wright's Premium Bread Mix has made me question the very thing that I love most about this whole process... my beloved breadmaker.

Premium White Bread Mix

Nice Packaging and detailed instructions

The Test

Comparing Premium White Bread is always hard as so many of us want different results. Personally, I like my bread with a smooth coloured crust that is scented and crispy but not too thick. Inside I like to experience a light fluffy texture that is full of flavour but still consistent enough to use in sandwiches without any embarrassing leaks or spills.

Premium White Loaf

Great results from Wright's bread mix

And the Wright's Premium Bread Mix can give you just that.

When making a full sized 2.2lb loaf the results were incredible.

It doesn't matter how many times you try, this quality bread mix gives the same high level of results each time.

I don't know if it is because they use vitamin C to encourage the yeast to rise in the same way our grandmothers would. Or maybe it's because the mix is prepared with such accuracy that the exact yeast to flour ratio makes each loaf infallible. Whatever the reason, I don't think that I care! I just know the results are amazing.

The Shocker

But it is with this consistency in the product that I have realised something which has undermined the very foundation of my bread making dream. And that is the fact that my bread maker can't do everything!

The Wright's bread mix packet clearly states that three sizes of mix can be made. All the way down to the 1lb mix for those that have small families or possibly don't eat much bread - yes they do exist you know! Details of how much water to add are clear and precise and make for an incredibly easy task.

As with all Wright's mixes, it is possible to use the quickest of bake programs on the breadmaker which means you can have gorgeous fresh bread in almost no time at all. And everything the packet says it true, just not in my breadmaker.

I have been singing the praises of my Panasonic SD255 for years and will continue to do so. But trial has shown me one thing. If you want a breadmaker that makes small, quick loaves regularly, buy a compact breadmaker such as a Lakeland Compact or Morphy Richards Daily Loaf.

three bread loaf sizes

I struggled to get the 1lb loaf perfect

Don't get me wrong, you could still eat it with pleasure as the quality of the mix means that the bread is going to taste gorgeous no matter how you cook it. But while the other sizes of mix produced outstanding results, no matter how many times I tried, the smallest loaf was drier and the crust was hard.

Personally, I will stick with my old friend and just remember that when I'm cooking high quality Premium White Bread I will have to make sure I make a bigger loaf. It's a hard job but someone has to do it!


The Wrights Premium Bread mix produces outstanding results when cooked appropriately. It has a firm but fluffy texture that is ideal for breaking apart to dip or can produce symmetrical and consistent slices for sandwiches and actually makes you wonder whether it is ever worth making a standard white from scratch again.

Verdict: A fantastic bread mix that should be tried by everyone, just maybe give your breadmaker a final hug before you start.

Since writing this post we have heard from Deb the Bread at Wright's who had this comment:

"This is a 2lb machine for use with 500g of mix (the whole packet). If you put 250g of mix in a 2lb machine it really has nowhere to go and unfortunately spreads before it rises giving a very small loaf.

For those with the 1.5lb and 1lb size machines we have broken down the amount of mix per ratio of water. 1.5lb machines require 350g of the mix so with 3 x 500g packs you will achieve 4 baked loaves."

So even the people at Wright's agree. If you are going to be using a smaller proportion of bread mix on regular occasions, then opt for a more compact bread maker that will give the best results. If you want to do the occasional small loaf in a bigger machine, simply use the dough program then pop it in the oven. It will give you the results you need and let you fall in love with your machine once more.

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