Bread Mix Review: Delicious Malty Bread Anyone?

Published on 27th February 2013

By Leila El-Dean

When you get a package like this delivered to your door, you know the day is going to start well!

Wrights Package

Now what could this be...?

Wrights Baking now supply their complete range of flours, cake and bread mixes directly to your door and I have been trialling their Malty Bread Mix.

Wrights Bread Mix

Providing bread flours since 1867, Wrights still use the same time honoured traditions to create their bread mixes today. Going back to the days when Granny would sneak a vitamin C tablet into the dry ingredients to give the dough a boost, Wrights use the same concept. This aims to speed up the preparation and cooking time and eliminate the need for a second proving and knocking back.

The Test

Using a Panasonic SD255 bread maker, I put this mix through its paces with a full range of programs from the fastest rapid white bread mix (1 hr 55 mins) through to the full 3 hour wholemeal rapid (as well as several dough options).


Frankly, there is nothing easier than preparing this mix. You simply need a bread maker, water and a packet. Throw the contents in and set your program.

Wrights Malty Bread Mix

All you need!

The mix comes in individual 500g packets which make a 2lb loaf. But if you are using a bread maker with a smaller capacity, the packet provides clear instructions for both a 1lb and 1.5lb mix.

It is possible to create fully smooth dough by hand in 30 minutes, however I used the dough option on my bread maker which was just as simple to prepare as a standard loaf.


The big surprise with this mix has to be the time it takes. A standard wheat based bread would usually take a full five hours or more but this bread can use even the quickest settings. This reduces the amount of time you have to wait for your bread and is a great way to save on electricity bills.

The Results

After trialling numerous packs, I can truly say that I am incredibly impressed with this mix.

Wrights Malty Bread

2 hours later, delicious malty bread!

When the bread was cooked, the flavour of the bread fulfilled all the promise that the aroma had suggested.

The malted bran flavour comes through to provide a slightly sweet flavoursome bread that just screams out for a little fresh butter to add that finishing touch.

And the results were consistent every time.

The outer crust provided a thin, deliciously crisp smooth shell that would impress even the most discerning home baker. The centre provided a light even texture that would make this mix perfect even for sandwiches.

The dough mix also came out silky smooth, easy to handle and provided fantastic results.

Wright's suggested that this mix was infallible, and from my results, I have to say I agree.

The only time the results weren't so consistent is when the program used a timer. The texture was a little less consistent and the crust slightly uneven. However, the flavour was still just as good and still a fantastic result.


This mix is a great way to create hassle free, quick, sensationally tasting bread every time you bake. It is perfect for beginners or those that have had poor experiences with bread making in the past. But as packs stay fresh for months, everyone should have a couple in their cupboard.

Overall Verdict: Will definitely be going back for more!

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