What To Do If Your Bread Maker Stops Working?

Published on 12th April 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Imagine the scene, you are just about to bake some delicious homemade bread, you put the ingredients into your bread maker, turn it on, wait a minute but... nothing happens!

Bread bakers: "what to do if your bread maker stops working?"

Check the Obvious

First things first, DON'T PANIC! Many explanations to this problem are simpler than you think. Start by making sure the machine is switched on! If it is and the machine still isn't working, check the fuse, perhaps this has blown and needs replaced. If you think the problem is more technical than this, refer to the user's manual that came with your machine. There is always a 'frequently asked questions' section or a 'troubleshooting' section in the manual.

UK plug socket

Did you remember to turn it on at the wall?! (image source: aisforamy91)

Contact the Manufacturer

If there is still no solution to the problem contact the manufacturer, their contact details will usually be at the back of the manual or nowadays the internet usually has the answers to most questions. You might be able to get more help online from forums or on the manufacturer's website.

Contact the Shop

If you think you have been sold a faulty product and the goods are still within the shop warranty (usually 28 days) return it to the shop. The Sale of Faulty Goods Act (UK, 1979) states that products should be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

If the items do not fit the bill you are entitled to a full refund or can request for it to be repaired or replaced. If the shop refuses to do this and the product is still under manufacturer's warranty (for most items this is 1 year but it depends on the company) request for the item to be returned to the manufacturer. If you have bought the bread maker second hand you might not have the manual or a warranty, this is where things get tricky. As mentioned before, the magnificent World Wide Web is usually the best place to start; type in the exact make and model of your machine and you will find the answers to all sorts of weird and wonderful questions on there.

Common Problems

The most common problems with bread makers are often the most simple to resolve and more often than not faults with the bread are usually to do with something you are doing wrong rather than a fault with the machine itself.

1. Collapsed Bread

If all of a sudden your bread does not turn out correctly you could be using too much yeast, this could cause a collapsed top or wet inside the bread. A change in liquid temperature could also cause the yeast to over rise the dough. Try different flours or adding more or less water.

2. Paddle not Kneading Properly

If the paddle isn't kneading the dough properly make sure the area around it is clean and it is free from any blockages. If it isn't turning properly there could be 'gummed up' bits of carbonised bread in the base of the turning mechanism.

3. Heat Element

If you think the problem is with the heat element, take it out and give it a good scour. When you are doing this clean the bottom of the bread machine as well. If your bread machine is pre-set to start baking in the middle of the night when both the mixture and the machine are colder and the heat element is not working right then your bread will not turn out correctly.

Hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight as to what to do if you have any problems but, with any luck, you will have a long and prosperous life with your break maker and you won't have to resort back to hand baking!

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