Going Gluten Free With Your Bread Machine

Published on 10th February 2014

By Leila El-Dean

It can take a couple of months to shift that pesky weight put on from overindulging over Christmas and New Year. However, this should never put you off using your bread machine! Yes, we've all heard about low carb diets, but they aren't for bread lovers. Nevertheless, some people do find that bread makes them feel a little bloated.

Gluten Free: Just Another Fad?

gluten free bread

Gluten free ingredients (image source: Jodimichelle on Flickr)

Well, there has been a lot in the media about 'wheat intolerance' and 'gluten intolerance', which should not be confused with celiac disease or a life threatening allergy. Much of it seems down to personal experience. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Victoria Beckham swear by a gluten free diet to beat the bloat. So, why not try making your own gluten free bread for a week and be your own judge?

You will need:

The method

How Does Wheat Free Bread Taste?

Well, it tastes like erm, bread. You can add currants, nuts and other ingredients just the same as you can with any other loaf. The texture is the main difference. Some wheat free and gluten free loaves can be a little heavier, yet more filling.


Breadmakers are adaptable creatures, so why not experiment for a week or two with gluten and wheat free bread? You may notice you feel less bloated or you might not. Who knows, you might even prefer to its wheaty cousin.

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