Our List of 4 Essential Bread Machine Features

Published on 11th January 2013

By Leila El-Dean


A timer can be one of the handiest features on a breadmaker. It means you can put your ingredients into the machine long before you need your bread and ensures that your new loaf is freshly baked just at the right time.

breadmaker timer

Timed to perfection (image source: mjtmail)

This is incredibly useful if you are at work all day and want bread for the evening, or perfect for freshly baked bread when you wake up.

Most timers work to the start of the program not when the bread will be ready. This means 12 to 14 hours is probably as much as you will need. Also, bare in mind that recipes which include milk cannot be prepared too far in advance as the milk could curdle while waiting to be cooked.

Seed Dispenser

A seed dispenser automatically adds extra ingredients to your dough at the right time. If your bread maker has not got a seed dispenser then it is likely that you will have a beeper which will go off to tell you that it is time to add the fruit, nuts, seeds or whatever, but it does mean you have to be around when the beeper goes off.

seeded bread

Delicious beetroot and sunflower seed bread (image source: cowbite)

Though you may feel that you will not be adding a great deal of extra ingredients to your bread, as soon as you become aware of the benefits that a breadmaker can provide your views could change. So if you are unable to be near your breadmaker during the day or, will be making a lot of bread over night, this type of dispenser can be well worth the investment.

Pizza Option

The opportunity to make pizza dough in your breadmaker can open up a range of opportunities. It makes creating pizzas and calzones a breeze and can improve the nutritional benefits of your fast food.

pizza from a breadmaker

Pizzzzzaaaa...! (image source: avlxyz)

The pizza setting can also create dough balls, Focaccia as well as Ciabatta breads. If you have kids, eat a lot of pizza yourself or are a fan of Italian style breads, then a pizza option could be for you.

Rapid Option

A breadmaker with a rapid option will provide you with the facility to create a loaf usually in less than two hours. This is ideal for those that are on the run or have forgotten to make their bread, but it can also be perfect for use with a range of pre-prepared bread mixes that don't require as much cooking.

If you don't think you can wait four hours or so for your loaf, then choosing a breadmaker with a rapid option would be a great solution.

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