Getting Started: 4 Most Common Bread Types

Published on 3rd June 2013

By Leila El-Dean

If you have just purchased your first breadmaker you may be anxious to start using it. Of course, before you can start to use it you need to have some great recipes!

If you get your first recipe just right you are much more likely to continue to use your breadmaker, making your investment much more fun. The following are just some of the most popular breadmaker recipes that people keep returning to time and time again. Try any of these and you will be pleasantly surprised by how great your bread turns out.

Basic White and Wheat Breads

Of course, the top type of bread that most make are basic white and wheat breads. Depending on your preference, these breads can be used on a daily basis to make sandwiches, toast, and other basic meals.

Basic white bread

Basic white bread can be used on a daily basis (image source: Flickr)

Instead of buying bread every week you can eat your fresh bread which will be healthier and much tastier for the entire family. Plus, you can even make bread in advance and freeze it for weeks when you do not have that much time.

Sweet Breads

Sweet breads that can be used to dress a dinner table as rolls are also very popular. These are great entertaining recipes and are often baked on a weekly basis to take dinner up a notch. Sweet breads are just as easy to cook as the basic white and wheat breads making them something easy to try that the entire family will enjoy.

French Breads

Of course, for those who like their bread a bit more dry French bread is the best choice. French bread tends to be a bit crunchier and has more of a body to it. Those that want a thicker and tastier bread to go with their dinner will want to try out these easy recipes.

Breakfast Breads

Finally, the joy of having a bread machine means that you can experiment with many different types of recipes. Breakfast breads made out of fruits or vegetables are some of the best breads to get a handle on quickly because these are usually the largest hits at the table.

Basic zucchini bread

Zucchini bread is delicious! (image source: Flickr)

Try out some zucchini breads, walnut breads, banana breads, and other simple recipes to create a great breakfast treat for your family. Plus, you can munch on your leftovers throughout the rest of the day making it a treat that continues to keep giving.

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