3 Delicious Baking Ideas for Your Breadmaker

Published on 1st January 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Though there are some glorious bread recipes for breadmakers today, if you have fallen in love with your machine as much as the rest of us, you probably want to try and find further ways to make use of it, and we've got just the answer.

1. Cakes

There are a huge range of cakes that are possible to make in the bread maker. Not only are they a quick and easy alternative to spending hours mixing and baking in a traditional oven but the consistency of the heat means you will never burn another cake in your life.

Ginger Cake

Delicious ginger cake (image source: bloggyboulga)

For the first time try simple recipes such as Apple and Ginger cake, Cherry and Marzipan Cake or even Gingerbread. All taste delicious. They are far better than anything you would buy in the shops and probably cost a lot less too. And just think of that gorgeous smell wafting through the house when your mother in law arrives for tea, she'll think you have turned into a domestic goddess.

2. Danishes

Now this is a suggestion that is bound to impress. Danish pastries are delicious first thing in the morning and are a great treat for Sunday brunch but who has the time to make them? Well how about using your breadmaker to take away some of the hard work, leaving you to revel in all the glory.


Breakfast Danish anyone? (image source: jdebortoli)

Start with a basic croissant recipe so that you get the hang of working with this light fluffy pastry and then as soon as you feel confident you can go wild. Pain au Chocolat, Cinnamon Swirls and Pain au Raisin are all made in the same way and make a treat at any time of the day.

3. Pizzas

Making your own pizza bases is not only a great way to make your fast food more healthy but it also means that you have a tasty and quick meal to hand whenever you need one.

Homemade Pizza

Homemade pizza (image source: minor9th)

Simply stretch the prepared dough into shape, add tomato sauce or puree for the base covering and then top with any leftovers you have in the fridge.

Remaining dough can be frozen for another day or rolled into small balls and cooked alongside the pizza for authentic dough balls. Add a couple of slices of garlic butter on the side and you have made a starter as well.

Or why not start experimenting with sweet pizzas. Use chocolate spread to replace the tomato sauce and add fruit or nuts for the topping. Banana slices work perfectly and, when finished with a lump of ice-cream in the middle, creates a unique and delicious treat.

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