Why Buy a Breadmaker? Here's 5 Reasons Why!

Published on 11th February 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Still not sure if you should take the plunge and invest in a breadmaker? We love our breadmakers, so we've put together 5 reasons to shamelessly convert you into a breadmaker fanatic!

1. Fresh Bread at Any Time of Day

The overwhelming reason to buy a breadmaker has to be the certainty that you can have fresh bread whenever you want it.

fresh bread

Mmmm, smell the freshness (image source: ralphhogaboom)

If you find it hard to shop regularly, then you will know that bread simply doesn't stay fresh very long. However, with a bread maker you can create beautifully fresh bread whenever you want it.

Choose a breadmaker with a timer and you can wake up to warm bread or freshly made brioche for breakfast or ensure that a beautifully baked loaf is available just in time for tea.

2. Cost Efficiency

Baking your own bread can be significantly cheaper than the same loaf in the shops. Most ingredients are relatively cheap to buy and those that are more expensive are used sparingly.

save money

Savings can add up (image source: J D Mack)

To make your bread even cheaper, buy ingredients in bulk. If you are a fan of traditional sliced bread, consider investing in a bread and meat slicer. A good one will only cost £20 but will enable you to get even cuts of bread which increases the number of slices you obtain from your loaf.

3. Health Benefits

Baking your own bread at home means that you are no longer consuming the artificial additives and preservatives that are added to most shop bought breads.

This will reduce the amounts of harmful oxidants in your food and ensure you are only eating the ingredients you put in.

Home baked bread can also be adapted for your own nutritional benefits. It is a great way to make Gluten Free or Rye loaves that not only cost less but also taste a lot better too.

If you are concerned about the fat, sugar or salt content in your diet, why not adapt your recipe to suit you. Low salt, skimmed milk, olive oil and honey can replace traditional ingredients and have a far more positive impact on your health.

4. Impress Your Friends

It is strange how a loaf of freshly made bread can make even the cheapest of soups seem extra special when preparing a special lunch and a loaf of Focaccia or soda bread turns an average salad into a veritable feast.

wrap up your bread as a gift

Why not wrap it for a gift? (image source: ranh)

But bread doesn't always have to be eaten at home. Freshly made loaves make a wonderful gift. It is far cheaper than a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates and is bound to be appreciated by everyone that tries it.

5. It Makes More than Just Bread

A multifunctional bread machine can do far more than a standard loaf. Options include jam, cakes, marmalade, pizzas and bread dough so that you can get the most from your breadmaker.

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