Try This Delicious Chestnut Loaf for Your Breadmaker!

Published on 9th August 2013

By Leila El-Dean

If you're looking for a new recipe to try out in your breadmaker, we have a beauty for you today!

Experimenting with ingredients such as different types of flour can produce some varied and tasty results. Chestnut flour isn't exactly a common ingredient, but you can easily source it online. It can be added to your standard white flour to create a heavenly loaf. If you've tried chestnuts before, you'll already know that they have a distinctive sweet flavour. So, let's have a look at how you can bake a chestnut loaf in your bread machine.


Sweet Smoked Chestnut Loaves (image source: Flickr)

Ingredients you will need:

- 420 grams of white flour

- 80 grams of chestnut flour

- 10 grams of salt

- 7 grams of quick acting dried yeast

- 320 millilitres of water

If you want to use wholemeal flour for this recipe, we recommend adding a further 30 millilitres of water.


- Put your chestnut flour and yeast in a bowl and add the water, mixing it until you create a creamy batter. You'll need to leave it for about 30 minutes so that the chestnut flour hydrates fully and the yeast activates.

- Place the left over water and white flour into your bread machine.

- When your chestnut flour and yeast mix has had its 30 minutes, place that into your bread machine with the white flour. If you have a rapid program, you will get the best results using this.

Nevertheless, your loaf will still be just as tasty if you need to use another setting.

Why Not Add Your Own Twist?

This recipe rises well and you'll get a fantastic loaf with a rather sweet flavour. It is delicious straight out of the breadmaker and spread with real butter whilst still warm. You will also find that it makes delicious toast. If you're having one of those days when you need some comfort food, you could do a lot worse than spreading it liberally with lashings of chocolate spread such as Nutella.

The great thing about recipes like this is that you can adapt them and add your own personal twist.

Ingredients like chopped hazel nuts, pumpkin seeds or juicy sultanas would really compliment the flavour of the chestnut flour. Decadent chocolate chunks would transform it from a simple loaf to a more cake like affair. Whether you decide to follow the recipe religiously or customise it, if you have a sweet tooth you'll love it.

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