Some Delicious Easter Treats for Kids

Published on 21st March 2013

By Leila El-Dean

With Easter just around the corner, what could be more fun than taking time out of your busy lifestyle to relax and spend time with you children?

Most of us would not dream of having our kids help us in the kitchen but, if you're feeling brave, how about encouraging them to help you make some healthy Easter treats? There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on your child's face when they realise their accomplishment.

Children cooking

Keep your kids busy this Easter (image source: Flickr)


You could start by making variations of the plain white loaf. Before you put the ingredients into your bread maker, get them to help knead the dough. Kids love getting their hands dirty and they love nothing more than to feel that they are being included. And, if you really want, it will help to tire them out!

Also get them to customise their bread either with extra ingredients such as raisons, cherries or herbs.

Hot Cross Buns

When you think of Easter treats you think of hot cross buns; the traditional flavour, the fruit, the spices, heated and dripping with butter. Here is a simple recipe that your little munchkins can help you to make.


Delicious Easter treats! (image source: Flickr)


Here are some more quick and easy tasty treats that your little ones will love to help you whip up and eat of course!

Honey Wheat Oatmeal Bread

Banana Pecan Bread

Let me know if you come up with any more Easter recipes by commenting below.


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