Easy Pita Recipe for Breadmakers

Published on 15th July 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Making pita bread is pretty straightforward, but it is even easier with some help from your bread machine. Pita pockets make a great alternative to your usual sandwiches and they are ideal for packed lunches and snacks.

Maybe you're cooking Middle Eastern or Greek cuisine and you want to add a touch of authenticity to your dishes. Just add houmous, falafel and a minty yoghurt sauce as a side dish for your tangine, or use it with dips such as taramasalata and houmous to have with your Greek mezze.



Prep: 30min > Cook: 15min > Ready in: 45min

Once you've placed all of these ingredients into the pan of your breadmaker, you need to select the 'Dough' or 'Manual' setting. Then you just start the program. You'll know when the dough has risen because you'll hear your machine beep.

The next step is to place the dough on a lightly floured surface. You can then start to gently stretch the dough and roll it into a sausage shape that is roughly 30 cm long. Divide this into 8 equally sized pieces and roll each one into a ball. Then you can get to work with the rolling pin. Roll each piece into a circle, with a diameter of about 18 cm. Set these aside on your floury worktop and cover with a cloth. Leave your pitas for 30 minutes until they start to rise and become puffy.

Preheat your oven to 260 C / Gas mark 10. Use a wire cooling rack and place two to three pitas at a time directly into the oven. You only need to cook them for 4 to 5 minutes, or until the tops begin to brown and the pitas puff up. As soon as you remove them from the oven, put them into a brown paper bag, seal it and cover it with a (clean) damp tea towel to keep them nice and soft.

pita bread

Delicious pita bread ready to eat (image source: Flickr)

So, now your pitas are softened up they are ready to be stuffed with delicious fillings. You can slice them in half or split them along the edge. They can be stored for up to three days in the fridge, or frozen for up to two months.

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