Are Bread Makers Easy to Use?

Published on 24th April 2013

By Leila El-Dean

We've talked a lot about bread makers so far. Advantages, disadvantages, aswell as some great recipes and ideas to use with your bread maker.

But what if you've never tried making your own bread before? This article is for the complete bread making novice. You may have no idea what's involved and the prospect of making your own bread can feel a little intimidating the first time you try it.

scared face

What are you afraid of? (image source: timsnell)

Fear of the unknown (i.e. making bread) really is more scary than the actual bread maker itself. Promise! It's normal to feel a bit nervous the first time you try bread making but rest assured anyone can do it.

Here's the basics of making bread for someone who's never tried it before.

Recipes do vary but key ingredients usually are:

How to make the bread itself

Bread makers are all a bit different but they all usually have the same typical parts - a pan (container) and a paddle (for kneading).

To bake your bread all you do is literally just add all your carefully measured ingredients into the pan in the order advised in the bread maker instructions or recipe. It's just like adding them into a bucket.

Once you've put all the ingredients into the pan, the pan goes back into the bread maker itself and you select the program you want on the machine. The "program" tells the bread machine what kind of bread it's making.

Again you will need to refer to the instructions because bread makers do vary in what they can do. They are usually very straightforward however and setting the program is literally just a push of a button.

final product

Ta-daaa! Bread! (image source: edvvc)

So there you go, it's as simple as that. You buy your ingredients, measure them, put them into the pan, the pan goes into the bread machine, press a button - and wait for your tasty bread!

Here are some helpful tips to bear in mind the first time you make your own bread

Above all practice does make perfect, and remember that by making your own bread you are gaining so many benefits - you know exactly what ingredients you've used, it's completely fresh, and above all it tastes better and smells wonderful! Wishing you lots of success with your bread making!

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