5 Great Flavours for Breadmaker Bagels

Published on 26th June 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Those who are already confidently using their bread maker and are turning out loaves by the dozen may fancy trying something a bit different. The great New York bagel has made the transition from traditional Jewish food stuff to worldwide popularity. You can now buy bagels across the length and breadth of the UK and very tasty they are too, but as you will have already discovered thanks to your bread maker, there is nothing quite like home made.

Bagel bread

Bagels are delicious and versatile (image source: Flickr)

Bagels are incredibly versatile as you can make various flavours from one batch of dough. They also freeze well and are the perfect stand by for when you are rushing around in the mornings and haven't the time to make any breakfast.


Bagels strewn with sesame seeds are an absolute treat, especially when still warm. The contrast of the bread and seeds is a completely different taste sensation from the limp burger buns with a scant few seeds on the top. Toasted and buttered or halved with some delicious sandwich filling, the sesame seed bagel is a star performer.


The garlic bagel creates many a confused expression when you first mention it, but point out that we eat garlic bread by the shed load and the eyebrows soon return to the normal position. This bagel needs nothing added, just don't breathe too close to anyone after you have devoured a few.

Poppy Seed

This is right up there with a sesame seed bagel if you are looking to make it into a sandwich. Once again, it is a combination of the crunch of the seed with the softness of the bagel that makes it ideal sandwich material, and one of the best fillings is cream cheese.


Onion bagels, for some reason, were under the radar of bagel connoisseurs for many a year but once they discovered them they never stopped eating them. Delicious either toasted or used to make a sandwich, the delicate hint of onion is a real delight and enhances any sandwich.


We have all heard of, and eaten vast quantities of, blueberry muffins, and now we have the blueberry bagel, which is every bit as delicious as it sounds. You put all kinds of fruit in breads so why not add fruit to a bagel? You can use fresh or dried blueberries for your bread maker recipe, but try and find tiny ones as these melt into the bread so much better and give a real tang when you bite into them.

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