5 Benefits of Making Jam in Your Breadmaker

Published on 9th May 2013

By Leila El-Dean

Breadmakers of today do more than simply bake a basic loaf. Most will make pizza bases, pasta, many varieties of doughs and even produce delicious tasting cakes. But now breadmaker manufacturers are going that little bit further and giving you the opportunity to make your own jam as well. So we thought we would take a look and see what benefits there are to this new development.

1. Time

As with anything you ever make in a breadmaker, cooking jam in your machine can save you time and energy. The stirring and heating is all done for you. All you have to do is you simply whack in the ingredients and wait for delicious results.

This is ideal if you cannot, or do not, want to spend ages stood at the hob stirring your jam. It is also perfect if you are a little nervous about dealing with thick boiling liquids in the kitchen.

2. Consistency of Results

Using a machine also ensures you get the same, smooth results every time.

jam in the bread maker

Delicious home made jam (image source: lapoli)

You don't have to worry about keeping your jam at the right temperature to make sure it will set. The thermostat in the bread maker will do that for you.

And as the inbuilt blade never has to stop to answer the telephone or go to the loo, there is less chance of your jam sticking or burning, ensuring wonderful results each time.

3. Health

Just like making bread, home made jam is a lot better for you than the stuff you buy in the shop.

Though it still contains vast quantities of sugar, most simple jams in the breadmaker use only three basic ingredients: fruit, sugar and pectin (and even pectin is not required if you are using a fruit that contains a lot naturally).

There is no need for colourings, additives or artificial preservatives making the final product more natural and far healthier.

4. Cost

If you use fruit from your garden or you local hedgerow then home made jam costs very little. And even if you can't find your fruit free of charge, using discounted fruit that is on over ripe or the odds and ends that you would normally throw out from your fridge can ensure that you have beautiful jam far cheaper.

It is a great way to use up excessive amounts and fruit and ensures the wastage from an orchard or allotment is greatly reduced.

5. Variety

If you've never been able to find that pineapple jam that you've been craving for years or you think strawberries and lavender would make a wonderful combination on your home made scones, then making jam at home provides the ultimate opportunity to experiment.

You can try any flavour you like and, who knows, Mr Hartley may find himself knocking on your for the next big thing.

When it comes to the crunch (or the crumb!), home made jam is amazing. It tastes delicious, it is better for you and the smell that permeates your home is out of this world. With a breadmaker, jam is quick, easy and so simple to make that we don't think you will ever go back to shop bought conserves again.

If you're convinced, then ensure your next breadmaker has a jam facility. From the lower end Morphy Richards Daily Loaf 48330 through to the Panasonic SD ZB-2502 Bread maker, there are a mass of machines to choose so that you can serve delicious home made jam in no time.

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